Hello and welcome to chatty badger!

We are dedicated to producing handmade products that focus on using natural, organic and sustainable ingredients – and keep it simple!

Currently, we are in the process of designing a website about the products we offer. We have a small line of handmade skincare products (bar soap, beard balm, body butter). Please come back to visit and explore our progress!

A little about our process: Chatty Badger beard balm and body butter currently do not include preservatives, which means we make small batches that have a limited shelf life and need a little TLC. In future, we may add preservatives to certain products, but until we establish the safest, lowest-risk way to do so, our products do not include them. All of the ingredients we use are listed on the labels. So you never have to wonder!

In addition, this site also seeks to share information and resources for exploring and learning more about DIY lifestyles. Your time is precious! So is knowledge. There is an awful lot of it out there. Let us recommend some of the sites and sources that have guided us!

Thank you for checking out the site and come visit us again!

Check out the Chatty Badger Blog for updates on our progress.